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Brief History of the FSM Voter ID Card:

FSM Voter Id Card Project was initiated by the former Director late Bernell W. Edward in the year 2005, and the project came into reality in 2007 when the National Election Office started to issued out FSM Voter ID Cards. The soe purpose for the creation of the FSM Voter Id Card was for Absentee Voting to enable voters to be able to cast their votes without having to request to vote absentee mail, voting at another polling place, mobile voting or at designated special polling place.

Since 2007 the National Election has issued out 21,190 Id cards to eligible voters and all of these cards has expired on Decemer 31, 2015.  The National Election Office will be issuing new voter id cards for the next 4 elections beginning in 2017 and ending i 2023.

FSM Voters ID card is an identification card issued under the authority of the National Election Director to a registered voter that contains the registered voters name, registration number, State, Congressional Election District, Municipality, Date of Boirth, Gender, Signature and a photo.

The table below reflects total number of voter id cards issued to each State since the beginning in 2007.
State Cards Printed
Chuuk 7,981
Kosrae 3,500
Pohnpei 5,696
Yap 2,694

image" The National Election Director may issue Voter Identification Cards to all Registered Voters at or after the time of registration. All Voter Identification Cards shall be issued free of charge, provided that, there shall be a charge in an amount to be set out in the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this title for issuing a Registered Voter with a replacement Voter Identification Card. Upon issuing a Voter Registration Card to a Registered Voter, the National Election Director, or his or her designee, shall make a notaton next to that Registered Voter's entry on the National Voter Register. A Registered Voter who has been issued a Voter Identification Card must present that card before being issued a ballot at his or her Polling Place."

Nomination Of Candidates

To be eligible for election as a member of Congress of The Federated States of Micronesia a person shall:

image Have attained the age of 30 years old by election day.
Be a resident of the State from which He or She is seeking election on election day, and for at least five years prior to that date.
Bea citizen of the Federated States of Micronesia on election day, and for at least 15 years prior to that date.
Not be under jugment of mental incompetency or insanity.
And not have been convicted of felony by a State or National court of the Federated States f Micronesia or its predecessor government of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.