Frequently Asked Questions Continued

Here you will find some answers related to the elections process in the Federated States of Micronesia. If you don't find the information that you are looking for, please contact us directly
image 1. Will I be able to vote at an polling site using my FSM Voter ID Card?
    Yes, you can within your election District and at designated Special Polling Places.
 2. How do I apply for absentee ballot when I am residing overseas?
    You may obtain absentee application from this website, from the National Election Office, from fsmpio website, and from the office of the President.
3. Does the FSM Voter ID Card expire?
    Yes, they do expire after 5 elections, the expiration dates are located on the back side of the Voter ID Card.
4. What are the requirement for registration?
    Must be 18 years of age, - must provide birth certificate, passports, and baptismal records with date of birth.
5. What is an FSM ID Card?
    It is an identification card issued under the authority of the National Election Director to a registered voter that contains the registered voters name, registration number, State, Congressional Election District, Municipality, Date of Birth, Gender, Signature, and a photo.
6. Can I use the FSM Voter ID Card for other purposes other than voting?
    Yes, FSM Voter ID Card is a multipurpose card.
7. When is the next election?
    Next election is slated for March 05, 2019.
8. Can I register to vote on the election day during a National election?
    During Natonal Elections registration is not conducted on election day. You may register 30 days before an election.
9. What date do we submit Candidate Nomination Petition to th Election Office?
    In accordance to our Election Law nomination petition has to be filed in the National Election Office no later than 120 days prior to election at 5pm in the afternon.
10. Are there Polling Places outside the FSM for National Election?
    Yes, the Director designates special polling places outside the FSM and there are two designated special polling places, Guam and Hawaii (Honolulu)
11. Can We send our absentee ballot thru email?
    Absentee request can be send thru email and absentee ballot are send thru the post office.
12. Do the National Election have Absentee forms online?
    Yes, in our website and the FSM PIO website.
13. Am I eligible to vote in the National Elections?
    Yes, if you have registered yourself in either the State or National Election Offices you are an eligible voter.
14. When and Where Can I vote?
    You may vote during National, State, and Municipal Elections as mandated by the Election Laws. You may vote at the designated regular voting places and designated special polling places abroad.
15. I am a student, What riding do I register and vote, in the one where I live with my parents or the one where I live while  attending school?
    You will have to vote where you live with your parents in the respective State of your registry, you also may vote where you live if it is a designated special polling place or you must have a FSM Voter ID Card.
16. I am student, Can I vote on Campus?
    Yes you may vote on campus if you receive your absentee ballot by mail.
17. I live in Hawaii, but I will betraveling to California on election day, How Do I vote?
    You may request to vote absentee by mail, if California is not a designated special polling place,your ballot can be forwarded to you mailing address.
18. I am a member of the Military, How Do I vote?
    If you are residing in a state that is a designated as special polling place, and you have a FSM Voter ID Card you may vote, if not, then you  have to request to vote absentee.
19. I am serving a prison sentence, Can I vote?
    If you are a convicted felon you will not be able to cast your vote, However a misdeemener is able to cast their vote.
20. I did not get a FSM VID Card in the mail, What should I do?
    If you requested and suppose to get it by mail, buyt you dindn't, please contact the FSM National Election Director for assistance.
21. What Do I do, if I receive more than one FSM VID Card?
    Please kindly return one to the National Election Director Office.
22. Am I allowed time of work to go and vote?
    Yes, the head of the States usually grant administrative leave for 2 hours for National and State employees to enable them to cast their vote.
23. Can an employee lose his or her pay for taking time off to go cast his or her vote?
    No, there is a memo regarding administrative leave to be granted to all employees on election day to cast their vote.


Quick Links to FSM Election Applications and Forms Available in our site:

1) Voter Registration Application and Sworn Affidavit. 2) Candidate Affidavit & Nomination Petition. 4) Absentee Voter Affidavit. 5) Application to Vote By Absentee Ballot. 6) Application For FSM Voter Identification Card.  7) Voter's Affidavit For Change of Residence Municipality or Congressional Election District. 8) Affidavit Of Witness To Change of Residence Municipality or Congressional Election District of a different State.